Notes written by Arun Ram

The following notes are a mess. A portion of these materials is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DMS-0097977. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Book 2003


Geometric representation theory 1999-2000

Wisconsin Bourbaki seminar Fall 1993

Other notes

(1) Artin-Wedderburn theorem and Jacobson density, or radicals12.25.03.pdf . This file is now updated at Notes/Radicals.

(2) Symmetric functions, or symmfcns1.24.04.pdf .

(3) W invariants, or winvts1.26.04.pdf .

(4) Interpolating functions, or qbasis1.28.04.pdf .

(5) Skew polynomials, or skewpolys1.29.04.pdf .

(6) Schur functions, or schurfcns2.3.04.pdf .

(7) Toroidal Hecke algebras, or toroidal2.18.04.pdf .

(8) Symmetric and alternating functions or monschur2.19.04.pdf .

(9) Semisimple algebras chap11.1.01.pdf .

(10) Numbers nums8.13.03.tex or or nums8.13.03.pdf .

(11) Angles angles8.9.03.tex or or angles8.9.03.pdf .

(12) Chain rule chrule8.24.03.tex or or chrule8.24.03.pdf .

(13) Derivatives derivs8.11.03.tex or or derivs8.11.03.pdf .

(14) Exponential functions exp8.13.03.tex or or exp8.13.03.pdf .

(15) The genesis lecture genesis12.08.02.tex or or genesis12.08.02.pdf .

(16) Inverse functions invfcns8.24.03.tex or or invfcns8.24.03.pdf .

(17) Taylor's theorem taylor8.25.03.tex or or taylor8.25.03.pdf .

(18) Trig identities trigid8.13.03.tex or or trigid8.13.03.pdf .

(19) Derivatives of trig functions trigderivs8.24.03.tex or or trigderivs8.24.03.pdf .