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A topological space is a set X with a specified collection of open subsets of X which is closed under unions, finite intersections and contains and X. A continuous function f:XY is a function such that if VY is open in Y then f-1(V) is open in X. The morphisms in the category of topological spaces are the continuous functions.

HW: Show that a topological space X is Hausdorff if and only if for any two points in X there exist neighbourhoods of each of them that do not intersect.

HW: Show that a topological space X is quasicompact if and only if every open cover contains a finite subcover.

A metric space is a set X with a metric d:X×X 0 such that

  1. If x,yX then d(x,y) =0 if and only if x=y,
  2. If x,yX then d(x,y) = d(y,x).
  3. If x,y,zX then d(x,z) d(x,y)+ d(y,z) .

A metric space is complete if all Cauchy sequences converge in X.

Manifolds, Varieties and Schemes

A ringed space is a pair (X, 𝒪X) where X is a topological space and 𝒪X is a sheaf of rings on X. The sheaf 𝒪X is the structure sheaf of the ringed space (X, 𝒪X).

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