Combinatorial Representation Theory

Arun Ram
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University of Melbourne
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Appendix A

A6. The Borel-Weil-Bott construction

Let G=GL(n,) and let B=Bn be the subgroup of upper triangular matrices in GL(n,). A line bundle on G/B is a pair (,p) where is an algebraic variety and p is a map (morphism of algebraic varieties) p:G/B, such that the fibers of p are lines and such that is a locally trivial family of lines. In this definition, fibers means the sets p-1(x) for xG/B and lines means one-dimensional vector spaces. For the definition of locally trivial family of lines see [Sha1996] Chapt. VI §1.2. By abuse of language, a line bundle (,p) is simply denoted by . Conceptually, a line bundle on G/B means that we are putting a one-dimensional vector space over each point in G/B.

A global section of the line bundle is a map (morphism of algebraic varieties) s:G/B such that ps is the identity map on G/B. In other words a global section is any possible “right inverse map” to the line bundle.

Each partition λ=(λ1,,λn) determines a character (i.e. 1-dimensional representation) of the group Tn of diagonal matrices in GL(n,) via λ ( ( t100 0t2 0 00tn ) ) =t1λ1t2λ2 tnλn. Extend this character to be a character of B=Bn by letting λ ignore the strictly upper triangular part of the matrix, that is λ(u)=1, for all uUn. Let λ be the fiber product G×Bλ, i.e. the set of equivalence classes of pairs (g,c), gG, c*, under the equivalence relation (gb,c) (g,λ(b-1)c) ,for allbB. Then λ=G×Bλ with the map p: G×Bλ G/B (g,c) gB is a line bundle on G/B.

The Borel-Weil-Bott theorem says that the irreducible representation Vλ of GLn() is Vλ H0(G/B,λ) , where H0(G/B,λ) is the space of global sections of the line bundle λ.


See [FHa1991] and G. Segal’s article in [CMS1995] for further information and references on this very important construction.

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Key words and phrases. Algebraic combinatorics, representations.

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