Level and the Virasoro action

Level and the Virasoro action

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Last updates: 14 February 2010

Level and the Virasoro action

A 𝔤 -module M is level if c acts on L by l. id L .

A 𝔤 -module is restricted if it satisfies if  mM  then   𝔤 a m=0  for all but a finite number of  a R + .

This condition makes ther action of the Casimir operator κ on M well defined.

For the Virasoro action see [Kac Ex 12.11 and Ex 12.12].

An integrable 𝔤 -module is a 𝔤 -module M such that

  1. M is semisimple as an 𝔥 -module,
  2. e 1 ,, e n and f 1 ,, f n are locally nilpotent on M.
(See [Kac 3.6].)

If L λ is a simple moudle in 𝒪 int then char L λ is given by Weyl's character formula.

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