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Arun Ram
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Melbourne
Parkville, VIC 3010 Australia

Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Madison, WI 53706 USA

Last updates: 25 January 2010

Section heading - some pseudo-maths

A link to a section below.

Some reminder

Know that e i π + 1 = n = 0 i π n n ! + 1 = 0 , and stand in awe.

Equations can be inline. A question: is c ?

You can also have numbered equations. We have

Card = 0 < Card 2 = Card = c < Card
which is nice.

Unbulleted list

These are used for proofs.

  1. The first list item.
  2. Another list item.
  3. A list item with a forced label.
  4. Another list item with a forced label > 26.

A braceted numbered list

These are used in problem sheets. Now with automatic numbering. Some questions are as follows.

What does it mean for a function f x to be continuous at x = a ? Explain how to test if a function is continuous at x = a .
What does it mean for a function f x to be differentiable at x = a ? Explain how to test if a function is differentiable at x = a .
What does d f / d x x = a indicate about the graph of y = f x ? Explain why this is true.

Embedded SVG images

Permutation Diagram S T
A diagram which uses param.js.

G n 3 π 0 b uXn ϕ ρ γ ζ
Some sort of 4-way diagram.

G n 3 π 0 b u X n ϕ ρ γ
Some sort of 3-way diagram.

'popitup' links

A 'popitup' link (to another copy of this page).

  1. (b) (a): Let be a filter and let
  2. Something else.

A section title with an anchor (link in section 1 above)

Some text.

Some theorems etc

A proposition.

A lemma.

A theorem.

A corollary.

The Toggler in Action

List 1
  • Subitem 1.a
  • Subitem 1.b
List 2
  • Subitem 2.a
  • Subitem 2.b
List 3
  • Subitem 3.a
  • Subitem 3.b

References [PLACEHOLDER]

[BG] A. Braverman and D. Gaitsgory, Crystals via the affine Grassmanian, Duke Math. J. 107 no. 3, (2001), 561-575; arXiv:math/9909077v2, MR1828302 (2002e:20083)

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