Subalgebras of partition algebras

Subalgebras of partition algebras

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Subalgebras of partition algebras

A set partition is planar [Jo] if it can be represented as a grpah without edge crossings inside of the rectangle formed by its vertices. For each k 1 2 >0 , the following are subalgebras of the partition algebra Ak n : Sk = span d Ak | pn d =k , Pk n = span d Ak | d  is planar , Bk n = span d Ak | all blocks of  d  have size 2 , Tk n = span d Ak | d  is planar and all blocks of  d  have size 2 . The algebra Sk is the group algebra of the symmetric group, Pk n is the planar partition algebra, Bk n is the Bruer algebra, and Tk n is the Temperley-Lieb algebra. Examples of set partitions in these algebras are

P7 ,

P 6+ 1 2 ,

B7 ,

T7 ,

S7 .

If B is a block of a set partition d define κ B = #  of top vertices in  B - #  of bottom vertices in  B and let A k,r,p = l=0 r/p -1 d Ak | for all blocks  B  of  d,κ B =l r/p modr Then A k,r,p n =span xd | d A k,r,p is a subalgebra of Ak n . Then A k,r,p n A k,r,1 n , A k,1,1 n = Ak n , and A k,,1 =span d Ak | κ B =0  for all blocks  B  of  d does not depend on the parameter n.

Let fr = p 1 2 p 3 2 p r-1 2 p1 p2 pr p 1 2 p 3 2 p r-1 2 =

r 1

The algebra A k,r,1 n is generated by s1 ,, s k-1 , p 3 2 and fr .

Is CC Ak rpn = Ak rpn ×/p?

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