The group algebra of the affine braid group

Arun Ram
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Melbourne
Parkville, VIC 3010 Australia

Last updates: 13 April 2011

The group algebra of the affine braid group

The affine braid group Bk is the group given by generators T1, T2,, Tk-1 and X ε1 , with relations

Ti Tj = Tj Ti , if  ji±1, (bd1)
Ti T i+1 Ti = T i+1 Ti T i+1 , for   1ik-2, (bd2)
X ε1 T1 X ε1 T1 = T1 X ε1 T1 X ε1 , (bd3)
X ε1 Ti = Xε1 Ti , for   2ik-1. (bd4)

The affine braid group is isomorphic to the group of braids in the thickened annulus (see, for example [GH2]), where the generators Ti and Xε1 are identified with the diagrams


T i = i i+1


X ε 1 =

For i=1,,k define

X ε i = T i-1 T i-2 T 2 T 1 X ε 1 T 1 T 2 T i-1 = i

The pictorial computation PUTTHISPICTUREIN shows that the Xεi all commute with each other.

Notes and References

This section is based on forthcoming joint work with Z. Daugherty and R. Virk [DRV]. See [GH2] or [OR] for pictures of braids in an annulus, or in a cylinder.


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