§2T. Euclidean Domains, Principal Ideal Domains, and Unique Factorization Domains

§2T. Euclidean Domains, Principal Ideal Domains, and Unique Factorization Domains

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Euclidean domains, principal ideal domains, and unique factorization domains

R is a Euclidean domain R is a PID.


A Euclidean domain is a principal ideal domain.

R is a PID R is a UFD.

Definition. Let R be an integral domain.

The following proposition shows that every property of divisors can be written in terms of containments of ideals and vice versa.

Let p,qR and p and q denote the ideals generated by the elements p and q respectively. Then

  1. p is a unit p=R.
  2. p divides qqp.
  3. p is a proper divisor of qqp R.
  4. p is an associate of qq=p.
  5. p is irreducible
    1. p0,
    2. pR,
    3. If qR and qp then either q=p or q=R.


A principal ideal domain is a unique factorization domain.

The proof of Theorem 1.3 will require the following lemmas.

If R is a principal ideal domain and pR is an irreducible element of R then p is a prime ideal.

Let R be a principal ideal domain. There does not exist an infinite sequence of elements a1,a2,R such that 0 a1 a2

Greatest common divisors


Let R be a unique factorization domain and let a0,a1,,an R. Then

  1. gcda0,a1,,an exists.
  2. gcda0,a1,,an is unique up to multiplication by a unit.


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