Co-Poisson Hopf structure

Arun Ram
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Last updates: 10 April 2011

Basic properties

[D1 Thm. 1] Let 𝔤 be a Lie algebra and let δ:𝔘𝔤𝔘𝔤𝔘𝔤 be a map that turns 𝔘𝔤 into a co-Poisson Hpf algebra with the standard multiplication and comultiplication. Then δ𝔤𝔤𝔤 , and the map φ:𝔤𝔤𝔤 indused by δ turns 𝔤 into a Lie bialgebra. Conversely, if 𝔤,φ is a Lie bialgebra, then there is a uniqe map δ:𝔘𝔤𝔘𝔤𝔘𝔤 which is an extension of φ and which turns 𝔘𝔤 into a co-Poisson Hopf algebra.



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The theorem that a Lie bialgebra structure determinse a co-Poisson Hopf algebra structure on its enveloping algebra is due to Drinfel'd and appears as Theorem 1 in the following article.

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The following book is a standard introductory book on Lie algebras; a book which remains a standard reference. This book has been released for a very reasonable price by Dover publishers.

[J] N. Jacobson, Lie algebras, Interscience Publishers, New York, 1962.

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