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Last updated: Thursday 28-Jun-2007

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These MathML pages were developed with the help of Rahbar Virk at University of Wisconsin.


Material related to the AIM workshop on Buildings and Combinatorial Representation Theory .
Additional material for this workshop is available at
Kac-Moody algebras
Chevalley groups
The Flag variety
Loop groups
The affine Flag variety
Affine Hecke algebras
Central Extensions


Other notes
Reflection groups
Simplicial complexes
Homology and derived functors
Koszul and de Rham complexes
Homotopy theory
pdf of some handwritten computation of Verma modules for quantum groups of type A1
an html version of Work2007/Bites2007/mmtmpbite10.10.06.tex
an early xml version of some material on moment maps


How to do Proofs
Presentation Markup MathML summary
MathML Character Guide